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The Christmas season is upon us. It will be a time of celebration. Hopefully, friends and family will gather around the dinner table for delicious meals and drinks.

As the end-year holiday fast approaches, it’s normal to spend countless hours searching for the perfect Christmas home decorations to make your home beautiful.

Whether it's shopping for new china, dinnerware, dining accessories, or placemats, we've got your back. Today, we'll talk about the significance of Christmas embroidered linen and the best ideas you can try this season.

Top Five Christmas Tablecloth Ideas

Treat yourself this Christmas to Andrea Acciaio’s range of luxury hand-embroidered linens. Here are some of the exquisite holiday patterns available in the store: 

1.      Ice crystal patterns 

The hexagonal prism design is timeless, and it's one of the most popular crystal types for Christmas holiday decorations. This unique pattern resembles a sprouting flower that radiates to a full-bloom complete with branches and delicate leaves.

Get this design idea at Andrea Accacio by shopping for “Cristallo” Blue table runners and napkins.

For a feminine and motherly feel, the “Cristallo” Rosa table runners feature a pinkish palette. 

The “Cristallo” Aquamarina has a more intricate labyrinth design. It showcases nature’s infinite ability to create and reveals that no two ice crystals are truly alike. 

2.      Enchanting Forest Bib

Looking for a colorful bib for your young one? The simple Wonderland-themed bib contains hand-sewn trees in all the Christmas; colors, red, green, and a dash of yellow & orange.


3.  Snowflake napkins

Unique hallmarks of this style include the rounder and fuller crystals.  Branches are broad and flat. In technical terms, the style resembles a sectored plate.

The Gold “Snowflake” cocktail napkin set has more class and elegance. It’s perfect for entertaining after a Christmas dinner as it oozes old-timeless luxury.

Snowflake napkins from also come in other colors such as pink and blue.


4.      Reindeer Snowflake Bib

Kid-friendly and homely—the reindeer snowflake design is another top Christmas bib to consider.

Shopping for your daughter or niece? The pink reindeer bib may compliment her choice of dress for dinner.

Blue has traditionally been considered a boy’s color. Well, we got you covered as well.

5.     Chrismas Embroided Linen

Floral patterns also make beautiful holiday styled tablecloths. From simple geometric shapes to botanical patterns, there will be plenty of options to select.

You can try the “Greca” or “Greece” placemat with hints of blue and indigo.

Aiming for a more clean and pure look to match the falling snow? Check this option.


Significance of Chrismas Embroidered Linen

Linen elevates any surface it graces. It recreates the magic of the holidays and offers a remembrance of the core family traditions. It’s luxurious and sure to impress any guests you have over for the holidays. Genuine linen table cloths are durable and will become part of your special holiday dinners for many years to come.

Elevate your style this Christmas with ANDREA ACCIAIO placemats, bibs, and table runners. They are made from the highest-quality cotton and hand-embroidered by Tuscan artists.

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