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Make your bathroom a haven by making use of Bath embroidery towels that also matches your interior design and taste. Whether you want to embroider your name with your best color or pick from exquisite designs, or you need customized designs – it is always great to pick what's best for you. You might be faced with the challenge of choosing a bathroom towel or an embroidery idea for your towel. Let's take a look at choosing your bathroom towel.

Choosing your bathroom towel

Picking the right bathroom towel can instantly transform your nice bathroom into something luxurious and exquisite. It brings an all-new level of functionality and attractiveness to your bathroom. There are many options to pick from, especially with Andrea Acciaio Tuscan Creation. There is a variety of bath linen made in Italy from which you can pick from. It all depends on your taste. Here are some things you need to know when picking an embroidery bath towel.

The type of towel

The major differentiating factors for most towels are the design, weight, and fabrics. Quality embroidery bath towels are usually made from Italian, Turkish, or Egyptian cotton. They are usually strong, durable, and very absorbent. They are also elegantly soft due to the long fiber, which also helps to soak up water from the body.

The next determining factor before picking a towel is the weight. It is usually measured in grams per square meter (g/m2) or GSM. The higher the GSM, the more absorbent the towel is and vice versa.

Finally, towels are differentiated based on design. You have designs of different colors, solid colors, white, and even embroidery. Let’s take a look at the embroidery towels and what to look out for when choosing one.

What to look out for when choosing your embroidery bath towels

Here are the main highlights of the things you should look out for when picking an embroidery bath towel.

  1. Quality: this is important if you are looking for a towel that will last long for you. Check out the edges and the combed cotton – these can be pointers to quality towels
  2. Absorbency: remember we talked about GSM as a determinant for absorbance – this is a major point you must factor in before picking a towel. A quality towel should have a high absorbency and thus dries faster
  3. Drying time: This goes side by side with absorbency. A tower that dries faster should be considered when picking a towel
  4. Design: When choosing a towel, consider a design that suits you. You can also choose a design that suits your bathroom color or floor.

ANDREA ACCIAIO TUSCAN CREATIONS meets all the requirements of a quality embroidery bath towel. Our Collection of Embroidery towel is a collection of Italian classics made using the most beautiful materials. Check out our Bathroom collections handmade in Italy with 100% top-notch cotton. The colorful decorations and designs are inspired by our Tuscan Sea, embroidered by hand or machine with utmost attention to detail. Check out our top designs here.


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