Linen fabrics are one of the oldest textiles used by humans. Made from the common flax plant, the wild flax fibres have been spun, dyed, and knotted for 30 thousand years.

Today’s pure linen tablecloth is a statement of classic elegance and stylish living. That same story of iconic tradition goes into every one of Andrea Acciaio’s gracious Tuscan creations

  • time-honoured table linens,
  • plush embroidered bathrobes,
  • crisp white bath and bedroom linens,
  • and the brand new Homewear Collection.

Andrea Acciaio has been adding handcrafted Italian sophistication to home décor since 2017. Born in 1990, Andrea Acciaio loved to draw. Although his studies began in classic art, Andrea was distanced from his love for textile beauty until he returned to his artistic roots.

Collaborating exclusively with local Tuscan artisans, Andrea launched his first collection of customized table linens in 2017. In 2020, Andrea’s passion for design, history, and quality art, lead him to create "Andrea Acciaio Tuscan Creations".

Andrea Acciaio textiles are handmade by master Italian craftspeople that use only the finest hand-selected fabrics. There is a sense of warm family sophistication in every one of Andrea Assiaio quality designs.


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