"Corallo" Cushion Blue colored

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Measures: 40x40 cm
Fabric: 100% linen fibers
Details: Coral decorations are embedded, turquoise on blue background

The "Corallo" cushion is handcrafted in Tuscany by Andrea Acciaio, and draws inspiration from the splendid corals found in our Tuscan sea. The corals are hand-sewn or machined with chain stitch embroidery. If such decorations fascinate you, do not miss the chance to admire our other collections as well, since they are all connected by a common inspirational thread.

Attractiveness and comfort, coziness and hospitality, taste and attention to detail, fully express the "Coral" cushion. Manufacturing starts from the selection of the best 100% linen fibers, blue on which the coral decorations are embedded, turquoise on the blue background. These cushions will surely complete the stylishness of your living room.

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