"Ibiza" Roll-up Beach Towel

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Measures: 17x37 cm. 
Fabric: Top-quality 100% honeycomb cotton
Details: cotton pompom

The “Ibiza” roll up beach towel is produced with skill and passion by craftsmen in Tuscany, using fabrics in various colors, all in top-quality 100% honeycomb cotton, carefully selected by Andrea Acciaio.

The "Ibiza" roll-up beach towel is ideal on the beach or at the pool, when relaxing on a sun bed or pampering yourself in an exclusive SPA. colorful, not bulky, resistant and soft, it gives an immediate sensation of relaxation, and even after frequent washing, it maintains its softness and comfort.

The beach towel and pillow are also part of the "Ibiza" star line, to give you maximum relaxation and a unique and unmistakable style. You can choose the products of the "Ibiza" line in various shades of colors: yellow, green, orange, cornflower, fuchsia, cream and blue.

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