“Meduse” Piqué Cushion

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Measures: 40x40 cm
Fabric: 100%, twilled and corded Piqué cotton
Details: Embroidered with chain stitches, either hand-sewn or machined

The "Meduse" Piqué cushion is an artisanal Andrea Acciaio creation. It is in fact the work of our Tuscan artisans, who start their production from the selection of soft and fresh 100%, twilled and corded Piqué cotton, to create an original cushion cover. The finished item is then embroidered with chain stitches, either hand-sewn or machined.

The choice of the right cushions for the sofa decoration is important to create an aesthetically beautiful and interesting environment that reflects your personality, by creating or complementing the style of the room. The "Meduse" Piqué cushion is a quality and elegant solution that does not forego solidity, softness and comfort of the seat.

The main idea was to create a series of furnishing matching cushions with different decorating elements but always drawn from the marine world to be offered in the same sofa collection. The “Meduse” Piqué cushion measures 40x40 cm.

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