“Queen” Queen-size Complete Bed Set

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Measures: sheets 240x300 cm / pillowcases 50x70 cm
Fabric: Satin 100% cotton 
Details:  Lace frills with tones that match the color of the sheet

The textile artisans selected by Andrea Acciaio have outdone themselves with the complete "Queen" Bed Set made up of sheets and pillowcases, a combination of quality and craftsmanship to give you wonderful sensations every time you get into your bed for a comfy good night’s sleep.

Satin is a splendid decorative fabric that comes from an interweaving of cotton threads, with a dense texture that enhances its natural shine and the softness of the satin. These features allow the skin and hair to rest on a really delicate and soft, friction-free fabric which is the secret for a truly perfect rest.

The "Queen" Bed Set is made of 100% cotton satin in a color chosen from blue, orange and wisteria. Its value added feature lies in the lace frills with tones that match the color of the sheet.

The sheets measure 240x300 cm while the pillowcases measure 50x70 cm. They will therefore perfectly suit your bed, giving the whole room a touch of classiness, elegance and luxury.

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