"Stelle Marine” Cushion & Beach Towel

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Measures: Beach Towel 110X180 cm. Cushion 40x50 cm
Fabric: 100% cotton sponge Beige 
Details: Hand machine embroidered with chain stitches

The "Stelle Marine" beach towel and cushion are made in Tuscany by the artisans of Andrea Acciaio is part of the inspirational line of products embellished with colored Starfishes hand-sewn or machined with chain stitch embroidery.

The "Starfish" beach towel is an elegant and valuable item in fine 100% beige cotton sponge, suitable for the beach and boat trips. Our sponge fabric in fact guarantees fast water absorption, and a comfortable velvety sensation, ideal also for children.

The Starfish decorations are set against a cream-colored background and red, light blue, dove-grey lurex outlines. It is perfect for those who like to enjoy top quality even on the beach.


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