“Stelle Marine” design on sand colored Table Runner with two napkins

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Measures: 60x160 cm
Fabric: Panama 100% cotton 
Details: Embroideries of cream starfishes outlined in red and blue
Included: 2 napkins

The "Stelle Marine" Runner is an original artisanal production of the Andrea Acciaio textile workshops in the province of Pistoia in Tuscany, where skilled textile craftsmen work.
The Runner is a very versatile accessory and can be used in place of the tablecloth or as a décor element. It will express its best during elegant events, where your guests will surely appreciate the top quality of the fabric and details.
The sand-toned "Stelle Marine" Runner is made of precious sand-toned 100% Panama cotton, and hand-sewn or machined embroideries of cream starfishes outlined in red and blue. They measure 60x160 cm.
2 napkins of the same style are included with the Runner, but you can add other napkins of the same "Stelle Marine" sand Starfish style.


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