"Stelle Marine” Washcloth set

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Measures: 30X30 cm 
Fabric: 100% high quality cotton
Details: decorated with colored chain stitch embroidery

The "Stelle Marine" Washcloth Set is handcrafted in Tuscany by Andrea Acciaio, in a selection of soft white sponge in 100% high quality cotton, decorated with colored chain stitch embroidery, thus creating elegant and refined, soft and super absorbent bath washcloths that give a refined style to the guest bathroom.

The "Stelle Marine" bathroom washcloth sets are inspired by the marine world and come in white terry fabric with Starfishes embroidered with chain stitches, either hand-sewn or machined. Designed to give a unique and classy detail to the guest bathroom, the set consists of 3 washcloths of 30x30 cm each. You can choose 3 washcloths with embroideries of the, same color - lurex red, light blue, dove-grey - or opt for the entire chromatic mix.

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